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Tom Miller
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Message 58595 - Posted: 3 Apr 2022 | 18:32:03 UTC

Apparently we don't chat a lot here.

I now have a test bed up and running. It is running gpu tasks here. And it is set to run cpu tasks if and/or when I get some.

It is also running LHC, [email protected], Rosetti and Milkyway

Tom M
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Keith Myers
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Message 58596 - Posted: 4 Apr 2022 | 1:38:41 UTC - in response to Message 58595.
Last modified: 4 Apr 2022 | 1:40:01 UTC

Well we had a good spell of work for the last two weeks or so up until the last week where the work dried up again except for spotty ones. Just finished one up today.

Still getting the occasional acemd3 task as I have turned off the beta Python apps until the beta app goes mainstream.

When that happens the researcher should be providing a good flow of work again.

If you want to snag any work that gets created you can always ping the project with a watch update command every 15 minutes or so. I would stick to that frequency cause any faster and the scheduler and the servers think your connection is a DDOS attack and will just say no connection or no work available.

Thanks for helping the Team effort here.

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Message boards : GPU Users Group message board : Whatever 3?